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Puppets: Edgar the Raven

Edgar the Raven


Puppets: Leopold the Tree

Leopold the Tree


Puppets: Lester the Chimp

Lester the Chimp


Puppets: Poncho the Dragon

Poncho the Dragon


Now the moment we've all been waiting for... PONCHO THE DRAGON, He was found scorching some poor sheep on the coasts of England, it's ok the sheep agreed not to sue for emotional pain and suffering for nearly being lamb chops. as long as i agreed to take him with me on my travels. I reluctantly agreed, and after awhile we were the best of buds. Red and Poncho, Poncho and Red we were unstoppable duo.
Puppets: Renaldo the Knight

Renaldo the Knight


This is Reinaldo, while traversing the north i found him fighting a mighty dragon, the two were grid locked in a fierce battle to the death, finally Reinaldo shouted "KING ME"!!!!!! The mighty dragon just said " I've always liked barbacoa and he toasted the not so victorious knight. Reinaldo coughs " cheater" and a puff of smoke slips out.
Puppets: Todd the Fox

Todd the Fox


This is Todd, He was found about a year ago shivering cold in the snowy hills of Texas. ( LOL ) He begged me to let me join up with poncho the dragon and the just knight Reinaldo on our journey through history and fantasy. After much deliberation we let him.
Puppets: Trevor the Lion

Trevor the Lion


Puppets: Tyler the Goose

Tyler the Goose


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